Fashion for Rainforests

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10th of November

Mossman Shire Hall

4-14 Mill Street

Mossman QLD



Time for a spring clean for your closet and wardrobe. Is it too big, too small, or you’re just not wearing it any longer? Turn those unwanted clothing, accessories, and  jewellery into cash, not waste sent to landfill.

Help us to regenerate land previously cleared for sugarcane production by turning it back to Rainforest and a home for wildlife through re-planting new trees with our partnering organisation Rainforest Rescue.

Fill up your rack sack or travel bag and come to Mossman Shire Hall on the10th of November between 9am - 4pm to sell your unwanted fashion for extra cash.

For each bag you bring on the event day, a participation fee of $10 cash is to be given to Rainforest Rescue representatives at the door. Remember that each $10 will buy and plant a tree for you to save our Rainforest.