StyleDrama: Celebrating Best Emerging Australian Eco-Fashion Designers

Check out international media partner Edward Quan of StyleDrama’s great coverage of our Eco Fashion Week Australia 2018 award winners including Regina Bochat (Best Australian Student Designer Award), Tayla Parnham of Fabric of Nature (Best Australian Emerging Designer Award), Pearlita Orongan (Best Australian home sustainable garment award) and Sheridan Joyce of Skylark the Label (Australian Made Design Award). You can read the full article HERE!

The Bahamas Weekly: Jewelry made from Central Australian grass paper

Thanks to our international media partner Robbin Whachell of The Bahamas Weekly for this great article on jewellery designer Curtin Springs. Located on a remote cattle station in the middle of the outback of Central Australia, the company uses native grasses to create handmade paper, which in turn has been used to create jewelry. You can read the full article HERE!