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Amee Porter - Curtin Springs Paper



The one thing we are always certain of here, is that there is always the chance to continue with change.

We always believed that the art sector would be interested in Curtin Springs Paper, but we weren’t sure what that would look like.

Amee Porter (one of our next generation), came into the office one day and said ‘Mum, I think we can use our paper to make beads and the beads to make jewellery, I think this would really add to the story we are telling”. So that’s exactly what we have been doing.

Amee has a very artistic streak and is allowing her creativity to develop. Curtin Springs Paper – Jewellery is handcrafted. Each piece is completely individual, using Curtin Springs Paper as the focus.

We have created two distinctive collections. The Conner Collection and The Dawn Collection.

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