CVS Fashions

Fascinated by the structure, the detailing, and the body-conscious lines in the power dressing (corporate wear), ‘Chaynika’ is an embodiment of the muted and neutral tones of the corporate world, with a sudden pop of color, which works beautifully with the sophisticated yet fun take on corporate wear.

It is rightly said “Every garment you wear defines who you are”, so why blend in when you can bring out your true self through a mix of fun and innovative fashion in your day to day corporate wear. That is the ideology behind this brand, with its target market, the industry young guns who like to wear their confidence and attitude to work, and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. From design, to sourcing of fabric, to manufacturing of the garment, a lot of attention is given to the quality, and great care is taken to make sure the finished garment meets the high standards of production demanded by CVS and its customers.

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