Sewing Seeds, Knitting Hopes


2020 THEME: Sewing Seeds, Knitting Hopes
The theme will lead all events and exhibitions of the 3rd edition of international EFWA (Eco Fashion Week Australia).

Biennale will present fashion art exhibitions, runway shows, artist talks, seminars, and workshops. Selected fashion artists will exhibit their artwork in September, October, November 2020 at the Biennale exhibitions in art galleries or museums in Australian cities. The static exhibitions will run 3 to 4 weeks and will be open to the public during daily gallery or museum hours where the Biennale is being hosted.

EFWA International Biennale is dedicated to slow, sustainable fashion art, design, and creativity underlining the connection between art, education and a sustainable society. Works will be chosen for their innovative technique and compliance with the theme, and will be selected through an international and national call for fashion artists.


Textiles sculptures will be created during an artist residency following a call for artists. Artists will be hosted in the city of Perth for a week and will be provided with material, equipment, and assistance. The works will then installed in key locations.


In each major city hosting Biennale, runway show will take place in the first weeks of the exhibition. More information coming soon.


The Network Days encourage artists and professionals to engage and exchange knowledge. EFWA Biennale is a place to meet and grow, and Network Days will unfold in the course of the first week at the beginning of Biennale in each city on occasions such as opening night events, runway shows, seminars, and artist talks.


Biennale will provide a diverse program of creative educational workshops. Discover textile art inspired by the works being exhibited.


The curated EFWA International Fashion Art exhibition will showcase in three major Australian cities as well as selected Australian fashion artists curated works will travel to UK and Canada and Asia in early 2021.

VENUES (To Be Confirmed)