EFWA 2018 Eco Fashion Week is packed with national/international designer and student runway shows, design and textile art exhibitions, pop up shops, workshops, and seminars to promote sustainability.

Our focus is on sustainable, ethical production, organic and natural materials which do not leave carbon a footprint – garments created with organic, re- cycled or up-cycled fabrics and traditional hand crafted textiles. EFWA is passionate about creating a world where garments have a clean and positive story to tell.

Eco Fashion Week Australia invites you to join us and tell the story of your designs on 15th-21st November 2018 in Perth and on the 4th-10th of November 2018 in Port Douglas.

Australia’s biggest Eco Fashion Week EFWA brings people together for a week to celebrate sustainable amazing designs, runway shows, conferences, design and textile art exhibitions, student shows and awards.

Our runway shows will display Local, National and International designers sustainable creations, while inspiring and educating the general public.


EFWA is looking for the following in your designs:

Environmentally friendly fabrics (organic cotton, wool, hemp, bamboo, silk)

Evidence of zero waste in your collection

Locally produced

Ethically produced

Re-cycled/Up cycled materials

Application of traditional hand made textile techniques and craft

Strictly NO fur, and NO animal parts


Please email for designer pack and registration to contact@ecofashionweekaustralia.com no later than 30th September 2018.