Victoria Hall in Fremantle - Home of Eco Fashion Week 2017

by Marilyn R Wilson

Eco Fashion Week Australia 2017 will feature an international flavour with designers and media coming from around the world, so it was important to event's founder – Zuhal Kuvan-Mills – to partner with a venue equal to the occasion. Welcome to the historic Victoria Hall.


Zuhal shared, “I was searching online under sustainable/Eco venues and Victoria Hall came up. I went to see this magnificent, historic building and when I walked inside, it took my breath away. Then I found out it was run using Eco and sustainable practices – a perfect pairing for our event. This venue has it all – history, glamour and her own majestic look. To top it all off, it is run by a non-profit society.”

Victoria Hall is located in the port city of Fremantle, known for its maritime history and Victorian Architecture.  It's also a popular tourist destination with streets a lively combination of buskers singing, wild collection of art and music floating out of the areas numerous cafes and excellent accommodations.

The building was designed by Talbot Hobbs and completed in 1897. Originally called St. John's Parish, it was renamed for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria and is one of the few remaining buildings from the gold rush era. Its halls still echo with memories from that time. Norm Wrightson and his Orchestra used the venue for Saturday night dances for thirty years starting in 1949, and his brother Bob Wrightson operated a dance studio here. More recently, it was the home to the Deckchair Theatre.


It site has been used by numerous arts organizations, theatre productions, live music, weddings, political rallies, comedy, cabaret, dance, children’s events, weddings, conferences and private functions over the years. You name it, the venue has done it. Currently it is leased by the Fly by Night Club, home to the best known musicians Perth has to offer.


From the outside, visitors are greeted by the wonderful architecture. Inside you'll find three unique rooms – the Main Hall, the Exhibition Hall and the Fly - that are ideal for all that we have planned. Even more exciting, hall manager Justine Crowther, has agreed to support our event by joining our 2017 team (interview coming shortly).


Location, history, sustainable practices, beautiful venue and the support of those who run this amazing site make Victoria Hall the perfect venue to host our first ever international Eco Fashion Week Australia to be held November 23-27, 2017.

We hope to see you there.