Meet the EFWA 2017 Team - Dalija Vlahov


Please Share a little bit about who you are and what you do in your regular life?

Born and raised in Western Australia, North of Perth. Dance has been a huge part of my life since I was 3 years old, which included Ballet, Tap, Jazz and completing exams to teaching levels. I love to keep fit and healthy and have completed my Certificate in III & IV in Fitness. I love camping and the outback environment. When I was younger my family and I took a 4 month trip across the top end of Australia, reaching Cape York and returning back via the Simpson and Great Victoria Deserts. Last year I also travelled through Europe for 3 months have enjoyed experiencing other cultures of various countries.

Coming from a family of dancers in performing arts, creating and making costumes is well known throughout my extensive family. This is where my passion for styling has evolved from and I have continued my training at the Australian Style Institute.

At what point did you begin to learn about the issue of sustainability in every area of daily life?

With my Croatian background and living in a market garden town, my grandparents business in growing fresh produce for the market and family has given me a fresh outlook on life and sustainable living. My grandfather on my mother's side is the founder of ‘Big Bubble’, located in Midland for the past 30years. My uncle runs and makes the biodegradable household products and allows customers to re-use their containers by re-filling at the shop. Combined with my daily health and fitness this has taught me to have a sustainable life.


Have you embraced any changes that help you personally leave a smaller ecological footprint?

My personal footprint in leaving an ecological effect, is to up-cycle clothes. This had taken effect earlier in life due to having an extensive family, clothes were always passed down from aunties and cousins etc. and bags of clothes are still passed on. I love to go through the clothes and create new outfits by up-cycling or reuse the material i.e. Making bags out of a pair of jeans, or cutting the sleeves off shirts or blouses. When It comes to buying new clothes I am conscious to the material used, where and who has made it.

My mother and her sisters are all seamstresses and are always swapping ideas and creating costumes for dance performance companies.

How did you meet Zuhal and what led you to become involved with EFWA 2017?

A friend had messaged a group of us about Eco Fashion Week Australia. I then emailed and caught up with Zuhal for coffee. Just finishing one of my style courses, this opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time. I am so grateful to be apart of EFWA, to be able to learn more about the industry and develop my skills as a stylist.

What was it about EFWA’s mission that drew you to offer your talents in support of this international event?


I embrace any changes to make a difference in helping the environment. Zuhal is about making a difference to the environment by teaching and inspiring others about sustainable fashion. EFWA’s mission in promoting and supporting local  and international designers and artists is what has drawn me to this event. Teaching and inspiring others, to change one’s perspective of making this world a better place.

As a part of the EFWA 2017 team, what role or roles will you be filling?

My role is Eco Fashion Stylist. Each night I will be showcasing the ‘Style it Green’ collection, choosing 5 audience members for a unique makeover to hit the runway and present to everyone a different way the Little Black Dress can be styled.

Any last words or a favourite quote on sustainability?

If we ‘R’ all doing it.

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Repurpose, Reinvent

We ‘R’ all benefitting.


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