EFWA 2017 Artist Exhibition - Marie Mitchell, Deforestation Series

EFWA2017 is excited to announce that local artist Marie Mitchell, who uses textile as a medium, will be offering a solo exhibition titled ‘’ Deforestation’’ at our Victoria Hall venue November 23-27th with all proceeds from sales donated to the WWF Koala Crisis Campaign currency in QLD



Every year, rainforest areas of the size of the country of Panama (7.3 million hectares) are lost.

In our constant search for food, wealth, power, bigger, better and more, we are destroying the very forests which provide us with so many hidden and forgotten gifts. The environmental damage caused by deforestation is immense. Already half of the world’s rainforests have been cleared, driving climate change, destroying wildlife habitats and threatening more and more flora and fauna species with extinction, including the loss of plants from which we obtain medicines.

My Deforestation Series for the Eco Echo/ Threading the Landscape Exhibition is a provocative portfolio of works intended to convey a strong message from the innocent victims of humanity’s headlong rush to carve the world into dimensions that suit short-term lifestyle priorities, urging us to slow down and acknowledge their whispered pleas.


The Fleeting Whispers collection of ghostly leaf impressions eco-printed on paper to represent the trees, plants and animals whose messages are being ignored encourages us to imagine what the trees would say if they could speak. The stitched leaves of the Echoes of Whispers and subsequent collections, Hidden Gifts and Consequences Unheeded variously utilising additional natural media and free motion stitching, amplify the voice of nature by echoing the ghostly leaf prints.”



Ghostly leaf prints represent the trees, plants and animals whose messages are ignored. 


Stitched leaves amplify the voice of nature by echoing the ghostly leaf prints. 


Stitched leaves echo the ghosted leaf prints reminding us of the many hidden and forgotten gifts that nature and forests provide.


Deforestation of the Australian landscape fragments native wildlife ranges and reduces the fertility of our ancient and fragile soils.