EFWA Eco Seminar 2017

Eco Fashion Week Australia is proud to announce our 2017 sustainability seminars titled Disposable Planet. The focus will be on fast fashion’s wide ranging effects in areas such as the environment, ethics, locally produced, green design, sustainability, education and slow fashion

DATESaturday 25th November, 2017

TIME9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

VENUE: Curtin University Bentley Campus Chemistry, Kent Street, Building 500, Room 1102AB Exhibition Space

ACCESS: Via Manning Road entrance. Building 500 is the first building on the right after entry onto the campus. Parking is available in the front of building 500 in car park C1. Check out a campus map at http://properties.curtin.edu.au/maps/.


The seminars are limited to a maximum of 70 places

For more information please email contact@ecofashionweekaustralia.com

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9:15-9:30  – Arrival and Registration

9:30 – WELCOME & INTRODUCTION – D. Anne Farren, Head of Fashion Design at Curtin University

9:40 – “THE IMPACT OF FAST FASHIONS ON THE OCEAN” – Jeff Hansen, Managing Director of Sea Shepherd Australia

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10:00 – Salmon and Sustainability – Robbin Whachell, Hoy-Scott Watershed Society, Canada

“The salmon runs are a visible symbol of life, death and regeneration, plain for all to see and share … The salmon are a test of a healthy environment, a lesson in environmental needs. Their abundant presence on the spawning beds is a lesson of hope, of deep importance for the future of man.” — Haig-Brown, 1974 (The Salmon)

Listen to one woman’s journey to connect with her environment, and help maintain the return of the salmon to her neighbourhood streams in Coquitlam, British Columbia, one of the fastest growing cities on the west coast.

10:20 – “AUSTRALIAN MADE FASHION: Leveraging ‘local’ in the branding process” – Ben Lazzaro, Deputy Chief Executive and Marketing and Communications Manager, Australian Made Campaign Ltd.

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10:40 –  “THE REVOLUTION IS HAPPENING! HOW THE FUTURE OF THE FASHION INDUSTRY IS IN OUR HANDS.” – Melinda Tually, Director of NDLESS: The New Normal and Coordinator of Fashion Revolution Australia and New Zealand

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11:00 – 10 Minute Break

11:10 – “HOW TO USE RECYCLED FASHION TO BUILD A CIRCULAR ECONOMY” – Edwina Huang, CEO Vivify Sustainable Textiles

This talk will cover what sustainable fashion and circular economy is, what challenges we are facing as a society and how we can achieve circular Economy.

11:30 – “RETHINKING CLOTHING CULTURE” – Jane Milburn, Sustainability Consultant

In the past decade there has been a transformational shift in the way most Australians source, use and discard clothing. Jane Milburn will discuss how fast fashion has created ethical issues of escalating consumption, changing fibres, waste and pollution, modern-day slavery, and the loss of skills and knowledge about clothing. Jane’s slow clothing philosophy aims to inspire change in the way we engage with what we wear for our health, the health of others, and the health of our planet. She shares her Slow Clothing Manifesto to survive and thrive in a material world: think, natural, quality, local, care, few, make, adapt, revive and salvage.

11:50 – DR ANNE FARREN, Head of Fashion Design at Curtin University – 

12:10 – MARILYN R. WILSON – Closing remarks and a word on behalf of Zuhal Kuvan-Mills, founder of Eco Fashion Week Australia


DR ANNE FARREN – Coming Soon

JEFF HANSEN – Jeff Hansen joined Sea Shepherd in 2006 as a ground support volunteer in the Perth Chapter. His passion for direction action, marine conservation and the natural world was quickly noticed, as well as his understanding and respect of humanities complete reliance on nature and biodiversity, in that our survival depends on it. He became a crucial member on several expeditions. Hansen has ran the operations of Sea Shepherd Australia as Managing Director through seven Antarctic whale defence campaigns, two patrols for six Interpol wanted Illegal Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) toothfish poachers, a patrol for six illegal Chinese driftnet poachers, ongoing Shark campaigns in Australia, a campaign that successfully stopped the world’s biggest gas hub from going through the middle of the world’s biggest humpback whale nursery as well as the ongoing Great Australian Bight defence campaign.

ROBBIN WHACHELL – Robbin Whachell is a journalist, editor and communications specialist who happens to love volunteering. She is the president of the Hoy-Scott Watershed Society, a not-for-profit, volunteer run environmental stewardship group, that conducts a salmon enhancement program in partnership with the City of Coquitlam, and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, actively involved in watershed restoration, public awareness, education and preservation.

BEN LAZZARO – Ben has more than 15 years experience across a variety of management, sales, marketing and communications roles in consultancy, agency and in-house capacities. His experience includes the development and execution of fully integrated, strategic marketing communications programs, through to tailored digital, PR, social media and branding campaigns optimised to deliver meaningful, positive business outcomes. Ben has also managed the delivery of several digital and web-based initiatives across complex, multi-stakeholder environments and has experience in major events. In his role at Australian Made, Ben oversees the delivery of the brand’s marketing communications initiatives and is a spokesperson for the organisation in the media and at industry events.

MELINDA TUALLY – Melinda Tually is the Director of NDLESS: The New Normal and Co-ordinator of Fashion Revolution Australia and New Zealand. Melinda advises brands and retailers on responsible business and supply chain strategy, social and environmental risks, communications, partnerships and sourcing. Fashion Revolution is a global movement calling for greater transparency in the fashion industry.

EDWINA HUANG – Edwina Huang is the Founder and CEO of Vivify Textiles. Based in Sydney Australia, the business specialises in Sustainable Fabric Supply Chain and offering great ranges of certified sustainable textiles, from recycled fabrics, organic fabrics to natural fabrics. She believes in Sustainable Fashion and is passionate to make it happen. Prior starting her own business, Edwina worked for a Global FMCG company and worked on multiple business strategies, strategic sourcing, and marketing campaigns with big brands such as Nestle, Pelikan Artline, Staedtler, Pilot, ACCO etc.  She brings a wealth of knowledge in Sales, Marketing, Merchandising and Logistics. In her word, she is into “doing the talk, and doing the walk”.

JANE MILBURN – Sustainability consultant Jane Milburn is at the cutting edge of a slow clothing movement in Australia, after earlier work in journalism and rural communications. Having trained as an agricultural scientist, Jane’s long-standing interest in natural fibres led her to establish Textile Beat in 2013 as a conversation about ethical ways of dressing that are good for ourselves, society and the planet. Through presentations and workshops, Jane’s goal is to inspire a more sustainable clothing culture. She is a Rural Press Club of Queensland past-president and a Fashion Revolution Australia committee member.

MARILYN R. WILSON – Marilyn R. Wilson has worked as media in the fashion industry for over a decade, conducting over 150 interviews with artists from around the world, attending a wide range of events and covering numerous fashion weeks and individual shows. A part of the Eco Fashion Week Australia 2017 team, she handles SEO and designer interviews. Wilson is also the creative force behind the EFWA Upcycling Challenge by Marilyn R. Wilson which will feature the work of 21 designers from 12 countries.